As a couple or with your family for a day or a weekend, here is a list of visits and attractions in Honfleur or nearby on the Normandy coast.

  • The Vieux-Bassin in the heart of the city of Honfleur and its commandery.
  • The very special Saint Catherine church with its all-wooden frame in the shape of an overturned boat hull.
  • The marine museum located in Honfleur in the old Saint-Etienne church, on the edge of the Vieux Bassin.
  • The Eugène Boudin Museum (museum of fine arts of the city of Honfleur)
  • Strut in the numerous art galleries in the small village or go shopping at the new Outlet shopping center in Honfleur 
  • Visit Deauville, go to the casino, to the beach and wander on its boards
  • Visit Trouville
  • Follow the cider route, a 40 km course in Pays D’auge
  • Visit the Calvados distillery at  Chateau du Breuil or experience a multisensory immersion at Calvados Expérience 
  • Taste the famous Normand cheeses, we are 20 Kms from Pont l’Evêque and 1 hour from Camembert
  • Discover or rediscover the cliffs of Etretat 45 minutes away
  • Visit the regional park of the mouths of the Norman Seine

We are 45 minutes from Caen, 1h30 from Saint Lo and 2 hours from Mont Saint-Michel.

The Clos Fleuri team is at your disposal for all your requests, even the most unusual.

Here is a list of restaurants in Honfleur that we recommend:

  • Le Tourbillon
  • Le Saquana
  • Entre Terre et Mer
  • L’Homme de Bois
  • Chez DD bar à vin
  • L’Endroit
  • L’Absinthe
  • Le Bréard
  • Le Moulin Saint-George à Pennedepie
  • Le Bistrot à crêpes
  • Le Café de Paris
  • La Maison Bleue
  • Les Vapeurs à Trouville
  • La Péniche à Deauville
  • Les bars L’albatros ainsi que la Taberna

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